Please advise us of any food allergies when ordering

1Mixed Hors D'oeuvre£10.20Appetisers & Dim Sum
2DimSum Combination£5.80Appetisers & Dim Sum
3Peking Dim Sum£7.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
4Chicken Wing Combination£8.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
5Chicken Wing & Spare Rib Combination£11.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
6Spare Rib Combination£10.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
7Barbecue Spare Ribs£6.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
8Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs£6.70Appetisers & Dim Sum
9Capital Spare Ribs£6.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
10OK Sauce Spare Ribs (Spicy)£6.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
11Sweet Chilli Spare Ribs£6.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
12Mini Sized Spring Rolls (4)£3.80Appetisers & Dim Sum
13Vegetable Spring Rolls (2)£3.20Appetisers & Dim Sum
14Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls (8)£2.70Appetisers & Dim Sum
15Spring Roll (Large)£2.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
16Salt & Pepper Chicken Balls (6)£6.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
17Salt & Pepper Fillet of Chicken£5.60Appetisers & Dim Sum
18Salt & Pepper King Prawns£6.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
19Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings£5.20Appetisers & Dim Sum
20Salt & Pepper Crispy Squids£6.60Appetisers & Dim Sum
21Salt & Pepper Ribs & Chicken WIngs£8.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
22Salt & Pepper Mixed (Chicken Fillet, Prawn, Chicken Wings)£9.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
23Barbeque Chicken Wings£5.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
24OK Sauce Chicken Wings (Spicy)£5.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
25Capital Chicken Wings£5.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
26Fried Crispy Won Ton (6)£4.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
27Butterfly King Prawns (6)£5.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
28Sesame Prawn on Toast (6)£4.40Appetisers & Dim Sum
29Chicken Satay Skewers (4)£6.20Appetisers & Dim Sum
30King Prawn Satay Skewers (3)£7.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
31Crab Claws (4)£4.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
321/4 Aromatic Crispy Duck£10.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
331/2 Aromatic Crispy Duck£19.00Appetisers & Dim Sum
34Crispy Seaweed£4.50Appetisers & Dim Sum
35Won Ton Soup£3.50Soup
36Hot & Sour Soup£3.00Soup
37Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup£3.00Soup
38Crab Meat & Sweetcorn Soup£3.00Soup
39Chicken & Mushroom Soup£2.70Soup
40Chicken & Noodle Soup£2.70Soup
41Thai Tom Yum Soup (Chicken)£3.00Soup
42Thai Tom Yum Soup (Prawns)£3.00Soup
43Ruby Special Mixed Meat in OK Sauce (Spicy)£6.80Chef's Special Dishes
44Ruby Special Mixed Meat in Black Bean Sauce£6.80Chef's Special Dishes
45Ruby Special Mixed Meat in Szechuan Sauce£6.80Chef's Special Dishes
46Ruby Special Mixed Meat in Peking Sauce£6.80Chef's Special Dishes
47Ruby Special Mixed Meat in Wine & Chiili Sauce£6.80Chef's Special Dishes
48Ruby Special Mixed Meat in Oyster Sauce£6.80Chef's Special Dishes
49Fillet Steak in Peking Sauce£8.30Chef's Special Dishes
50Fillet Steak with Ginger & Spring Onion£8.30Chef's Special Dishes
51Fillet Steak in Wine & Chiili Sauce£8.30Chef's Special Dishes
52Fillet Steak in Black Pepper Sauce£8.30Chef's Special Dishes
53Fillet Steak with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£8.30Chef's Special Dishes
54Fillet Steak with Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce£8.30Chef's Special Dishes
55Shanghai Delight£7.70Chef's Special Dishes
56Four Seasons£7.00Chef's Special Dishes
57Crispy Chicken with Pineapple£6.00Chef's Special Dishes
58Lemon Chicken£6.00Chef's Special Dishes
59Deep Fried Shredded Beef£6.00Chef's Special Dishes
60Deep Fried Shredded Chicken£6.00Chef's Special Dishes
61King Prawns in Peking Sauce£6.70King Prawn Dishes
62King Prawns in 0K Sauce (Spicy)£6.70King Prawn Dishes
63Kung Po King Prawns£6.90King Prawn Dishes
64King Prawns in Wine & Chilli Sauce£6.80King Prawn Dishes
65King Prawns with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£6.70King Prawn Dishes
66King Prawns with Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce£6.70King Prawn Dishes
67King Prawns with Mushrooms£6.70King Prawn Dishes
68King Prawns with Bamboo Shoots 8 Water Chestnuts£6.70King Prawn Dishes
69King Prawns with Cashew Nuts£6.90King Prawn Dishes
70King Prawns with Ginger 8 Spring 0nion£6.70King Prawn Dishes
71Szechuan King Prawns£6.70King Prawn Dishes
72King Prawns in Hoi Sin Sauce£6.70King Prawn Dishes
73King Prawns with Fresh Tomatoes£6.70King Prawn Dishes
74King Prawns with Broccoli£6.70King Prawn Dishes
75King Prawns with Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce£6.70King Prawn Dishes
76Roast Duck in Plum Sauce£6.80Duck Dishes
77Roast Duck in Lemon Sauce£6.80Duck Dishes
78Roast Duck in Orange Sauce£6.80Duck Dishes
79Cantonese Roast Duck£6.80Duck Dishes
80Szechuan Roast Duck£6.80Duck Dishes
81Roast Duck in OK Sauce (Spicy)£6.80Duck Dishes
82Roast Duck in Peking Sauce£6.80Duck Dishes
83Roast Duck in Wine 8 Chiili Sauce£6.80Duck Dishes
84Roast Duck in Hoi Sin Sauce£6.80Duck Dishes
85Roast Duck with Mushrooms£6.80Duck Dishes
86Roast Duck with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£6.80Duck Dishes
87Roast Duck with Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce£6.80Duck Dishes
88Roast Duck with Ginger 8 Spring Onion£6.80Duck Dishes
89Roast Duck with Pineapple£6.80Duck Dishes
90Roast Duck with Cashew Nuts£7.00Duck Dishes
91Szechuan Lamb (Spicy)£6.80Lamb Dishes
92Tibetan Garlic Lamb£6.50Lamb Dishes
93Lamb with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£6.50Lamb Dishes
94Lamb with Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce£6.50Lamb Dishes
95Lamb with Mushrooms£6.50Lamb Dishes
96Lamb with Ginger & Spring Onion£6.50Lamb Dishes
97Lamb in Black Pepper Sauce£6.50Lamb Dishes
98Szechuan Chicken (Spicy)£5.50Chicken Dishes
99Chicken in Hoi Sin Sauce£5.50Chicken Dishes
100Chicken with Pineapple£5.50Chicken Dishes
101Kung Po Chicken (with Cashew Nuts) (Spicy)£5.70Chicken Dishes
102Chicken with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£5.50Chicken Dishes
103Chicken with Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce .£5.50Chicken Dishes
104Chicken with Mushrooms£5.50Chicken Dishes
105Chicken in OK Sauce (Spicy)£5.50Chicken Dishes
106Chicken in Peking Sauce£5.50Chicken Dishes
107Chicken with Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts£5.50Chicken Dishes
108Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onion£5.60Chicken Dishes
109Chicken in Wine & Chiili Sauce£5.60Chicken Dishes
110Roast Chicken Hong Kong Style£5.70Chicken Dishes
111Chicken with Cashew Nuts£5.70Chicken Dishes
112Chicken with Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce£5.50Chicken Dishes
113Shanghai Chicken£5.50Chicken Dishes
114Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce£5.50Chicken Dishes
115Soya Sauce Chicken with Spring Onion£5.50Chicken Dishes
116Kung Po Beef£5.70Beef Dishes
117Beef in OK Sauce (Spicy)£5.50Beef Dishes
118Beef in Peking Sauce£5.50Beef Dishes
119Szechuan Beef (Spicy)£5.50Beef Dishes
120Beef with Mixed Vegetabies in Oyster Sauce£5.50Beef Dishes
121Beef in Hoi Sin Sauce£5.50Beef Dishes
122Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£5.50Beef Dishes
123Beef with Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce..£5.50Beef Dishes
124Beef with Mushrooms£5.50Beef Dishes
125Beef with Fresh Tomatoes£5.50Beef Dishes
126Beef with Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts£5.50Beef Dishes
127Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion£5.50Beef Dishes
128Beef with Cashew Nuts£5.70Beef Dishes
129Beef in Wine & Chiili Sauce£5.60Beef Dishes
130Shanghai Beef£5.50Beef Dishes
131Beef in Black Pepper Sauce£5.50Beef Dishes
132Roast Pork in OK Sauce (spicy)£5.40Roast Pork Dishes (Char Siu)
133Roast Pork in Peking Sauce£5.40Roast Pork Dishes (Char Siu)
134Szechuan Roast Pork£5.40Roast Pork Dishes (Char Siu)
135Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce£5.40Roast Pork Dishes (Char Siu)
136Roast Pork in Hoi Sin Sauce£5.40Roast Pork Dishes (Char Siu)
137Roast Pork with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£5.40Roast Pork Dishes (Char Siu)
138Roast Pork with Mushrooms in Biack Bean Sauce£5.40Roast Pork Dishes (Char Siu)
139Roast Pork with Mushrooms£5.40Roast Pork Dishes (Char Siu)
140Roast Pork in Wine & Chilli Sauce£5.40Roast Pork Dishes (Char Siu)
141Thai Stir Fried Mixed Meat & King Prawns£7.70Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
142Thai Stir Fried King Prawns£7.40Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
143Thai Stir Fried Roast Duck£7.40Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
144Thai Stir Fried Chicken£6.60Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
145Thai Stir Fried Roast Perk£6.60Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
146Thai Green Curry with Mixed Meat & King Prawns£7.70Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
147Thai Green Curry King Prawns£7.40Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
148Thai Green Curry Chicken£6.60Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
149Thai Red Curry with Mixed Meat & King Prawns£7.70Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
150Thai Red Curry King Prawns£7.40Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
151Thai Red Curry Chicken£6.60Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
152Crispy Chicken with Thai Sweet Chiili Sauce Dip£6.10Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
153Deep Fried Shredded Beef with Thai Sweet Chiili Sauce Dip£6.10Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
154Deep Fried Shredded Chicken with Thai Sweet Chiili Sauce Dip£6.10Thai Dishes (Hot) (new)
155Ruby Special Satay (Large Container)£7.10Satay Dishes (Slightly Hot)
156King Prawn Satay£6.90Satay Dishes (Slightly Hot)
157Roast Duck Satay£6.90Satay Dishes (Slightly Hot)
158Chicken Satay£5.80Satay Dishes (Slightly Hot)
159Roast Pork Satay£5.70Satay Dishes (Slightly Hot)
160Beef Satay£5.80Satay Dishes (Slightly Hot)
161Ruby Special Mixed (Large Container)£6.80Sweet &Sour Cantonese Style Dishes
162King Prawns£6.50Sweet &Sour Cantonese Style Dishes
163Chicken£5.80Sweet &Sour Cantonese Style Dishes
164Pork£5.80Sweet &Sour Cantonese Style Dishes
165Ruby Special Mixed£6.90Sweet & Sour Crispy Balls
166King Prawns£6.60Sweet & Sour Crispy Balls
167Chicken£5.70Sweet & Sour Crispy Balls
168Pork£5.70Sweet & Sour Crispy Balls
169House Special Curry (Large Container)£7.00Curry Dishes
170King Prawn Curry£7.00Curry Dishes
171Chicken£6.40Curry Dishes
172Beef£6.40Curry Dishes
173Char Siu Pork Curry£6.80Curry Dishes
174Roast Duck Curry£6.80Curry Dishes
175Lamb Curry£6.80Curry Dishes
176Shrimp Curry£6.40Curry Dishes
177Mixed Vegetable Curry£6.10Curry Dishes
178Mushroom Curry£6.10Curry Dishes
179Ruby Special Chow Mein£6.80Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
180Singapore Chow Mein£5.90Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
181King Prawn Chow Mein£6.60Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
182Roast Duck Chow Mein£6.60Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
183Young Chew Chow Mein£5.70Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
184Chicken Chow Mein£5.60Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
185Beef Chow Mein£5.60Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
186Roast Pork Chow Mein£5.60Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
187Shrimp Chow Mein£5.60Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
188Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein£5.30Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
189Mushroom Chow Mein£5.30Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
190Young Chow Rice Noodles£5.90Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
191Thai Style Chicken Chow Mein£6.00Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
192Singapore Rice Noodles£5.90Chow Mein Dishes (Noodles)
193Ruby Special Fried Rice£6.80Fried Rice Dishes
194Singapore Fried Rice£5.90Fried Rice Dishes
195Young Chow Fried Rice£5.70Fried Rice Dishes
196Thai Style Chicken Fried Rice£6.00Fried Rice Dishes
197Roast Duck Fried Rice£6.80Fried Rice Dishes
198King Prawn Fried Rice£6.60Fried Rice Dishes
199Shrimp Fried Rice£5.60Fried Rice Dishes
200Chicken Fried Rice£5.60Fried Rice Dishes
201Beef Fried Rice£5.60Fried Rice Dishes
202Roast Pork Fried Rice£5.60Fried Rice Dishes
203Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice£5.30Fried Rice Dishes
204Mushroom Fried Rice£5.30Fried Rice Dishes
205Ruby Special Satay Chow Mein£7.10Satay Chow Mein Dishes (Slightly Hot)
206King Prawn Satay Chow Mein£6.80Satay Chow Mein Dishes (Slightly Hot)
207Beef Satay Chow Mein£6.00Satay Chow Mein Dishes (Slightly Hot)
208Chicken Satay Chow Mein£6.00Satay Chow Mein Dishes (Slightly Hot)
209Roast Pork Satay Chow Mein£6.00Satay Chow Mein Dishes (Slightly Hot)
210Roast Duck Satay Chow Mein£6.00Satay Chow Mein Dishes (Slightly Hot)
211Ruby Special Chop Suey (Large Container)£6.20Chop Suey Dishes
212King Prawn Chop Suey£6.20Chop Suey Dishes
213Chicken Chop Suey£5.50Chop Suey Dishes
214Beef Chop Suey£5.50Chop Suey Dishes
215Char Siu Pork Chop Suey£5.50Chop Suey Dishes
216Ruby Special Foo Young (Large Container)£6.20Foo Young Dishes (Scambled Eggs)
217King Prawn Foo Young£6.20Foo Young Dishes (Scambled Eggs)
218Chicken Foo Young£5.50Foo Young Dishes (Scambled Eggs)
219Char Siu Pork Foo Young£5.50Foo Young Dishes (Scambled Eggs)
220Mushroom Foo Young£5.10Foo Young Dishes (Scambled Eggs)
221Plain Foo Young£4.90Foo Young Dishes (Scambled Eggs)
222Sausage Dinner (with Chips, Peas a Gravy)£4.00English Dishes
223Chicken Nuggets (10 )£2.80 (20)£5.00English Dishes
2241/4 Roast Chicken Breast with Chips, Peas and Gravy£5.50English Dishes
225Special Omelette with Chips & Peas£5.90English Dishes
226King Prawn Omelette with Chips & Peas£6.60English Dishes
227Roast Pork Omelette with Chips & Peas£5.70English Dishes
228Chicken Omelette with Chips & Peas£5.70English Dishes
229Mushroom Omelette with Chips & Peas£5.40English Dishes
230Plain Omelette with Chips & Peas£5.20English Dishes
231Mixed Vegetables in Soya Sauce£4.90Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
232Sweet & Sour Mixed Vegetables£4.90Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
233Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce£4.90Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
234Mushrooms in OK Sauce (Spicy)£5.10Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
235Mixed Vegetables in OK Sauce (Spicy)£5.00Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
236Ruby Special Mixed Vegetabies£5.20Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
237Tofu with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce£5.10Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
238Tofu with Mushrooms in Black Bean Sauce£5.10Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
239Sweet & Sour Tofu£5.10Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
240Salt & Pepper Tofu£5.10Vegetable and Tofu Dishes
241Egg Fried Rice£2.80Extra Portion
242Sweetcorn & Peas Fried Rice£3.30Extra Portion
243Garlic Fried Rice£3.10Extra Portion
244Spicy Fried Rice£3.10Extra Portion
245Boiled Rice£2.60Extra Portion
246Soft Noodles£3.90Extra Portion
247Fried Rice Noodles (with Egg)£4.50Extra Portion
248Chips£2.50Extra Portion
249Salt & Pepper Chips£4.00Extra Portion
250Fried Mushrooms£3.50Extra Portion
251Fried Beansprouts£3.50Extra Portion
252Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts£3.60Extra Portion
253Curry Sauce£1.70Extra Portion
254Sweet & Sour Sauce£1.70Extra Portion
255BBQ Sauce£1.70Extra Portion
256OK Sauce (Spicy)£2.10Extra Portion
257Peking Sauce£2.10Extra Portion
258Satay Sauce£2.10Extra Portion
259Gravy£2.10Extra Portion
260Prawn Crackers£2.40Extra Portion
261Soft Drink (Can)£1.10Extra Portion
262Soft Drink (Bottle)£2.80Extra Portion
263Special 3 in 1 (Chips, Curry Sauce & Egg Fried Rice in at Tray)£4.00Extra Portion
264Chicken Ball (Each)£0.80Extra Portion
265Sausage (Small) (Each)£1.00Extra Portion
266Sausage (Large)£1.50Extra Portion
267Banana Fritter£3.20Desserts
268Pineapple Fritter£3.20Desserts