New Ruby Chef’s and Customer’s Favourite Dishes

Please note that the food decoration, side dish and tableware are excluded from the order.

Menu Number 16 – Salt & Pepper Fillet of Chicken (Appetisers & Dim Sum)

Salt and Pepper dish is one of the famous stir fried ingredients in the South East Asian Countries, it has become the national dish in China, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Thailand and Malaysia, they each have got variation but the key ingredient has be the pepper, Chin Wong has tried many way of blending the peppers and now found the best combination. There is a variety of the meat options that you can have, menu number 16 – Fillet of Chicken, 17 – King Prawns, 18-Chicken Wings and 19-Squids. King Prawns is Malaysian dish, Chicken Fillet and Wings are Chinese dish, Squids is Thai dish, however Fillet of Chicken is the customers’ favourite among all of them.

Menu Number 161 Sweet & Sour Cantonese Style Chicken

Sweet and Sour is one of the famous and traditional Chinese dish that has been serving in the Western country, there is many way of making the sauce. In this dish, Chin Wong uses his secret recipe of homemade sauce using some special imported and fresh ingredients to blend the sauce from the scratch. There is a variety of the meat options that you can have, menu number 159 – mixed meats, 160 – King Prawns, 161-Chicken and 162-Pork, however, chicken is the customers’ favourite among all of them.

Menu Number 177 Ruby Special Fried Noodles (Chow Mein Dishes)

It is always hard to decide which meat to have when ordering noodles, this generous portion of variety of meats including king prawn, (Char Siu) Chinese BBQ pork, chicken and beef can satisfy a meaty and hearty meal.

Malaysian Satay

Satay is Malaysia’s national dish, it is the most famous street food and it exist since 19th century. The meat has strong favour of spices, lemongrass and turmeric and it is served with thick peanut sauce, the satay is cooked over a charcoal grill which require a lot of skill. The satay is usually served with cucumber wedges, red onion wedges and ketupat, which is made from the compressed rice cakes using the woven coconut leaves, all these are dipped onto the satay sauce.

Menu Number – 27 Chicken Satay Skewers (Appetisers & Dim Sum)

The best way of serving satay is skewered the meat onto the bamboo skewers which give a touch of charcoal taste to the meat.

Menu Number – 204 Chicken Satay Chow Mein (Satay Chow Mein Dishes)

Chin Wong has adopted the Satay sauce for the satay noodles with variety of the meat options that you can have, menu numbers 201– mixed meat of roast pork, chicken, prawn and beef, 202- King Prawns, 203-Beef, 204–Chicken, 205 Roast Pork and 206– Roast Duck. The traditional Malay Satay is using either beef or chicken. Chicken satay, menu number 204 is the customer’s’ favourite among all of them.

New Ruby Chef’s Authentic Cuisine (Not listed on the menu)

Malaysian Curry Chicken

Curry is already one of the national dishes of England, the origin of the curry is from India, in fact there is many variation of curry, Malaysian curry is different from most curries serving in England, it is rich with coconut milk with lighter base and always goes with potatoes, Malaysian Curry is typically uses curry powders rich in turmeric, coconut milk, shallots, garlic, belacan and other spices. Belacan and potatoes are the key ingredients which make Malaysian curry different from other curries. Belacan is a compressed shrimp paste.